Plush, oversized teddy bears and long stem roses are nice, no doubt, but this Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating with a glass of wine, luxurious lingerie...and not much else. Significant other: optional.

Photography :
CARMEN HENRY @carmenhenry
Fashion Stylist :
KENYA SHERRON @kenyathegr8
Model/MUA :
SERENA MARIE @serenaxmarie


Circus Magazine

CIRCUS aims to educate and enlighten the masses of the Generation-Y mindset and perspective–representing today’s young, beautiful and inspirational–our smart and sensational. CIRCUS will give voices to the underrepresented and will start the necessary movement of showcasing the opinions and ideas of our growing (but in the eyes of the current media) invisible intelligentsia. We’re all the stars of our personal CIRCUS–our lives–and we’re merely here to ensure no one misses the greatest shows the world has to offer.