–photography by  Maya Iman

–photography by Maya Iman

–article by BIANCA BETANCOURT @BiancaGBee

Olivia Goodman is the CEO and head designer of Og Brand–the sleek and simplistic menswear line being sported by some of the hip hop industry’s hottest artists. Her signature caps and accessories thus far have been worn of the likes of Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and Wocka Flocka Flame. 

Olivia is also just 21 years old. 

Though she always loved altering her own clothes as a child, “I would tear my shit up and resew it and make alterations to make it look how I wanted since nobody’s mom really bought them things that they wanted to wear,” Goodman said, her inner desire to start her own fashion line came later in life.

“I was going through life, not really doing shit and my boyfriend took me to the side and asked me ‘What do you want to do, what do you really love?’” said Goodman. 

“It took me a while to come up with an answer, but I thought about what do I love to do without getting compensated for it?”

The answer was obviously, working with clothes. 

Goodman took inspiration from her environment–growing up in Chicago and her “interesting” group of friends–mostly males–who surrounded her daily and conceptualized into what would become Og Brand. 

One of the first pieces Goodman crafted was a pair of upgraded men’s underwear. “A lot of boys would sag their pants and I was like this is disgusting no one wants to see your dirty drawls–so I thought well what if I just created some drawl underwears that no one minds seeing?  Ever since then it just took off.”

Og Brand hasn’t debuted a full line of clothes and accessories yet–it’s in the planning stages according to Goodman–but since the conceptualization of the raw denim drawls, Goodman has gone on to design pieces–including caps, see through bucket hats, minimalistic printed button downs and more–all which have gone on to sell out quickly after they premiered for purchase. 

In terms of what kind of person can rock Og Brand, according to Goodman, it’s anyone as long as they have the confidence to back up the styles.

“[The ideal Og brand wearer is] an individual and doesn’t really let what they wear define them,” Goodman said. “What I make is more to enhance the person that wears it than have the garment speak for them.”

You can check out Olivia's clothing @ Og. Brand



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