VIDEO PREMIERE: Lester Rey + Dxtr Spits' "Arrachera"

—by Bianca Betancourt @bybiancabee

The start of summer means the commencement of cookout season—and in Chicago artists' Lester Rey and  Dxtr Spits' latest collaborative project HYPHENSthis is the one barbecue that everyone can come too. 

The new video and song is more than a bright, contagious summer anthem however—the video and musical pairing is symbolic of the need for Black and Brown communities to come together in a time where it seems that the thread of American politics is trying to tear and keep them apart. 

The song's title (and referenced hook) "Arrachera" refers to an A1 cut of steak that signifies the constant winnings that the Black and Brown communities are still claiming even in an extreme political climate of doubt and where the American dream seems all but alive. 

You can keep up with Rey and Spits' solo music here and here and look out for the rest of HYPHENS later this summer. Until then, bump "Arrachera" on repeat, below. 




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