—Screenshot of Rihanna's "Work" courtesy of VEVO

—Screenshot of Rihanna's "Work" courtesy of VEVO

 —Article by Bianca Betancourt @ByBiancaBee

Rihanna’s Anti is the album we’re assuming she always wanted to make.

It’s a calm, cool and collected mix of songs to listen to in a multitude of relaxing situations: upcoming summer front porch hangs, pre-gaming with your girlfriends before a girl’s night out, or lighting one up on your couch with no plans in the foreseen future at all.

The album’s simplistic artistic mission is evident in the video for “Work”, the first official single from her 8th studio album. This video is the “anti” (pun intended) Bitch Better Have My Money where extravagant and highly curated scenes dominated an equally as flamboyant track.

The first cut of the video has RiRi twerking all over the dance floor and on her frequent collaborator Champagne Papi (Drake). The only thing hotter than Ri’s dance moves is the Jamaican jerk chicken they seem to be grilling up in background b-roll. No but really, where can I get a piece of that chicken? Do they do Seamless?

Also, side note and warning for those who may not be able to handle it, Drizzy is in FULL #DominicanDrake effect in this video. Someone give him the key to Santo Domingo already.

After the party scene ends a second version of the video starts that’s solely Rihanna rocking a free the nipple-esque mesh top with Drake doing what he always does (sitting on a couch ogling his female costars). This seem like a really unfair scene to film however for all of us who know Drake will forever be in love with Rihanna.

Way to be a tease, Ri.

Watch the video and see for yourself below :