—photo by Felton Kizer

—photo by Felton Kizer

—by Bianca Betancourt

I never really considered myself a whiskey kind of gal, but one of the first things I was ever told once I was of legal drinking age was that being whiskey drunk was the best kind of drunk. Yet I continued to sip my go-to choice of margaritas. 

That all changed once CIRCUS accepted an invite to attend #JDHouseSiete, the latest promotional, traveling pop-up show courtesy of the legendary whiskey maker, Jack Daniels. 

The night was a hot and trendy hub of music, drinks and nostalgia. The event which took up the first floor of Morgan Manufacturing warehouse was staged to mimic the interior design of the real Jack Daniels home, AKA the original and ultimate house party locale. Legend has it Daniels spent his nights entertaining musicians and artists alike who bonded over the smooth, sensation of his namesake booze.

Guests mingled over speciality mixed drinks (like Tennessee Honey and Lemonade or Jack Daniels Fire with rambunctious Rumchata) to the sounds of remixed salsa and cumbia before the night was capped off with a surprise performance from Mexican band, Kinky. 


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