—artist Jamie VeZolles

—artist Jamie VeZolles

—interview by Bianca Betancourt (@bybiancabee)

There has never been a more prominent time for women in the arts than right now. Women, young and old, are unapologetically producing and creating art and work that speaks to them—fearless of the commentary from male critique and the scrutiny of the male gaze that has clouded women's work for so long. 

One of the women standing out in a crowded field of creators, is photographer Jamie VeZolles. The East Coast native, and LA transplant, evokes California girl cool in every image she takes. We spoke with VeZolles to discuss how she found her art form, why she celebrate female imagery, and what more we can expect from her work-wise (hint: she's just getting started!). 

BB: How did you first get into photography?

JV: I think my love for film is what led me to photography. I love mediums that allow me to capture and show a moment/feeling. Films often take a longer time to make, so photography is a quicker way to create little stories and moments for me. My mom was really into photography at a young age too, so maybe it came from that also.

BB: You photograph almost exclusively women and you portray them in a very raw but intimate lens. What do you look for in your subjects?

JV: I think it’s important for women to photograph other women. The portrayal can be a lot more honest this way. I look for people who can evoke a feeling and take on a character; people who can make you wonder what’s behind their eyes.

BB: Tell me about your transition from east coast living to now being LA based. What are the best and worst things about LA living?

It took me about a year to fully adjust, mainly because I didn’t really know anyone when I first came here for college. Now I can really appreciate LA for what it is. It’s not a perfect place, but I love how there’s always something new to uncover in all the different neighborhoods. I do wish LA had more of a fall season though.

BB: Your style gives off present day Sofia Coppola vibes (to me!). Who are some of your biggest influences in photography and filmmaking? Where do you go to find inspiration?

JV: I love Sofia Coppola! I also get very inspired by Tim Burton, especially Edward Scissorhands, and also Wes Anderson. I can really appreciate detail and intention within art, and when a lot of thought has gone into a project.

Inspiration can really come from anywhere for me though .It could be from Alessondro Michele’s Gucci lines, going camping in the woods, talking to a stranger, or rummaging through second hand stores. It could be anything really!

BB: What projects can we expect from you next?

JV: I’ve been focusing a lot more on photography lately, so I’m hoping to put more emphasis on films in the future. Either a short film or documentary or both!

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