—Interview by Bianca Betancourt

Social media often clouds the creative corners of the internet that we seek to find inspiration from. Self made artists often fall into the traps of trending visuals in order to gain followers more so than making art for art's sake. That's why stumbling upon a profile or feed with a consistent and clear artistic message is so refreshing to find. Chicago based artist Von Gogh embodies this exact sentiment with his whimsical and nostalgia inducing art.

CIRCUS: Most of your work in some way is "distorted" whether with color or reshaping the subject of the image. What's your artistic purpose behind that? 

VG: Well, I believe that I have a particular point of view so it's usually my task to figure out how to share that within the guidelines of my art & personal comfort and sometimes that takes a large bit of manipulation.

CIRCUS: What sort of subjects do you enjoy capturing in your art the most? 

VG: My favorite thing to capture when acting as a photographer are humans and architecture.

CIRCUS: Who or what inspires you? It can be other artists, places, normal people. 

VG: For a long time i've never truly realized where most of my inspiration came from until I moved away from the city that I grew up in, which is Gary, Indiana. Its a often criticized/violent place but somehow I find peace and inspiration here, rather it's from local people or simply just the thought of feeling comfortable at home. Im inspired by beautiful energy, really.

CIRCUS: How do you view the state of the art world we live in currently? Does it seem easier to break into because of social media? 

VG: I view the art world now as a place where anyone can thrive at a more abrupt rate because of social media, its just the matter of skill & who you may know that determines how long your residency will last.

CIRCUS: Why do you create?  

VG:I create because its my favorite form of expression, and it helps people feel better sometimes.

Follow Von Gogh and see more of his work on Instagram at @vongogh

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