PHOTOGRAPHY: Hanna Walkowaik (@hannawalkowaik)

STYLING: Sal Yvat (@salsogroovy)

MUA: Henri' Mitchelle (@henrimitchelle)

MODEL: Karli Simmons (@karlisimmons_)

JEWELRY: Be Buddha Jewlery (@bebuddhajewelry)

In a style world where fast fashion is still king, accessories—more than any other clothing type—are the easiest category to lack originality. Unless you're shopping vintage, you'll find the same pieces from Zara to H&M and even smaller boutique retailers. (2016's latest example? Chokers.)

It's why when we find an independent designer doing something different, we relish what we just bought and want to tell everyone about it. Right now? We're loving designer Erin Leary's accessories venture, Be Buddha Jewelry. 

What started off from a dose of inspiration whilst walking into a bead store in her Wisconsin college town to gaining global muses from her travels across Europe and Asia ended with becoming one of the most unique, standalone jewelry lines in the Midwest. 

Peep our styled editorial of some of our favorite pieces and find your personal new favorite online at


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