—article by Bianca Betancourt @ByBiancaBee

In a world where tumblr often defines what the current generation sought after, buys and wears—it’s hard to find authentic inspiration within newly launched fashion lines. That’s not the case for modern streetwear brand, Eugene Taylor, started by founder and designer Letesha Brady. 

Brady, who’s been sewing and designing since she was a young girl, first and foremost wanted a line that was cute and comfortable and most importantly—wearable. Brady describes her pieces as “functional and comfortable silhouettes for someone who doesn’t want to be in their pajamas [all day].” 

Though she’d always been intrigued by the world of design and fashion, Tesha didn’t initially put together the plans for her first collection with full confidence. 

—photography by felton kizer ig@feltonkizer

“I played around a lot with the idea of a collection for maybe two or three years before I actually did it,” said Brady. “I needed the confidence in myself in order to do it and keep up with it. Once I went back to school I regained my confidence in myself and my ability. [After] I put out my first collection I had a really good response and made the decision [to continue].”

Brady draws inspiration for her line from a mix of maternal muses and celebrity inspirations. The line’s name is a hybrid title compiled of her grandmother’s middle name Eugene and her mother’s maiden name, Taylor. Though the name and the silhouettes are classic and clean, the pieces are still meant to attract and entice the proud, sartorially brave and unashamed women who wear it—hence Brady’s muses being style stars like Solange, Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz. 

“I think it’s definitely my personal style [within the line],” said Brady. “There’s always muses in there and there’s also people i’m inspired by—if you took Solange and Rihanna mixed together I would probably be that baby.” 

As for the future of Eugene Taylor Brand, Brady plans to expand her small company (she hopes to hire one or two seamstresses to help her with the made-to-order set up of the line) but always keep it small enough in order to keep the line’s authentic direction and creative control. 

2016 will bring the launch of her second collection (due to debut in just a few weeks) as well as an anticipated collaboration with fellow artist, RUNSY.

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