LOVE OR LUST : Makeup Removal


Skin care tips and tricks have evolved immensely throughout time. Technological advancement has helped create some seriously sophisticated–and also expensive–chemical-based skin care products; some that can virtually defy one’s aging process.

Beauty used to be 100 percent DIY. In ancient Egypt, women would bathe themselves in milk to soften their skin. Athletes who competed in the first Olympic Games (you know, the ones where they fought to the death) did so in the nude to pay tribute to the Gods. In order to protect themselves from the sun, they covered themselves in olive oil mixed with a layer of fine sand. You could write a book of all the beauty tricks collected over the years.    

Everyone’s skin is different and everyone has a preference—whether that's using natural products or chemical-based products—we have options! But, choosing products that work for you among the hundreds being thrown at you each day can be daunting. What was once a two-step process is now a six-step treatment plan, complete with an optional face mask and/or pore strip every morning and night. That’s practically a facial–two times a day! These products can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and we are here to help you navigate through them all.  




Neutrogena Makeup Removing wipes


Mac Wipes

TAYLOR : The most important part about a makeup remover, for me, is that it has to get everything off the first time around. I don’t want to be scrubbing at my face for a full ten minutes, but I have to remove the excess product. If you’re not taking all of your makeup off every night, you should start. Immediately. Don’t leave your eye makeup on all night so you don’t have to do it the next day. That’s lazy and it’s going to get messed up anyways. Your makeup remover, if it’s not already, should be a consistent first step in your beauty routine. Many women shy away from buying a good makeup remover because they feel like it’s a waste. And sometimes it can feel like a waste. Most makeup removing wipes, which are the easiest to use, come in packs of twenty-five. That’s not even enough to last you an entire month. But trust me when I say it is worth every pimple you keep from formulating in your pores. These wipes will get the job done. They work with all skin types, remove even your waterproof eye makeup, and they will not irritate or over-exfoliate your skin.

ANGELICA : If you’re someone who rocks a smoky eye on the daily or puts on so many coats of mascara you make the Kardashians look natural, this product is for you. If you stay the night at your boyfriend/that-one-guy-with-the-cute-dog’s house and don’t feel like washing your face with his dollar store bar of soap before bed, this product is for you. If you sometimes come home after a few cocktails and don’t always feel like breaking out of your drunk Netflix trance to wash your face, this product is for you. They’re like mini-face washes in one little wipe; a definite must have for the girl on the go.


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