–photo by CARMEN HENRY

–photo by CARMEN HENRY


–The word ostentatious is commonly defined as displaying wealth or knowledge in a way that is meant to attract attention, admiration, or envy and after meeting Kenya and Alexis you will soon realize that this word is the perfect title for their new collaborative style blog. The way that they experiment with their outfits is so effortless and is impossible not notice. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down with them to discuss their personal style along the future of their blog.


Tell our readers a little about yourself.

KENYA : I’m 19 years old and currently a student, stylist, blogger and event coordinator. I’m from Detroit and I’ve been in Chicago for two years. I originally came [to Chicago] for Columbia [college] but now it’s just for the culture.

ALEXIS : I’m 20 years old. I’m a stylist, model, and now fashion blogger. I moved to Chicago two years ago. I’m an ex-Columbia student as well and that’s where Kenya and I met. We were at a party one night and we were just chit-chatting and we just went from there.


What inspired you to collaborate on “Ostentatious”?

K : We came together for the fashion blog because our styles are so rare yet both of our styles compliment each other. We think we’re style soul mates and we figured that we might as well collaborate and do something that could turn out huge.

A : We have the same likes and the same dislikes. It was like a match made in heaven.

Do you think you have influenced each other’s style since working together?

K : I would definitely say so. I draw inspiration from various sources. She’s one of the most stylish people I know so of course she would be one of those sources.

A :  I feel the same way about Kenya. We definitely get ideas for each other a lot in an unspoken manner

Where do you go to look for inspiration?

A : Definitely This sounds really corny but I still look to Tumblr for inspiration. Also, I really like runways shows like Jil Sander because this year’s collection was really structured and was mostly black and white. There was also a lot of androgynous stuff and I like that too.

K : I guess if it’s corny to get your style inspiration from Tumblr then I’m corny too. Anyone who has a Tumblr and is embedded in it knows that it’s a lifestyle and not just a social media site. Also, I get inspiration from the runways and street style. Two style icons that I absolutely love are Solange and June Ambrose. Solange’s style is so soulful and retro with a modern/futuristic twist and June Ambrose is a celebrity stylist and I follow her because she’s always the first to know [about trends] and was pretty much the reason I was at New York Fashion Week this year.

What advice could you give to people who are trying to take less traditional style choices?

A : It’s all a mental thing. People are going to make jabs no matter what so just take with a grain of salt. The biggest fear I have with style, which is pretty much non-existent, is that people on the street are going to be like “Oh My God, What the hell?!” The biggest thing is to love what you do and love what you wear. People always say “Oh I could never do that” but yes you can. Anyone could do it; we’re not the chosen ones. We wear what we want to wear.

K : I absolutely agree. It’s all about confidence. It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it. I wasn’t always so brave when it came to my style. I realized that style is a part of your personality. Everyone doesn’t love every outfit that I wear. Sometimes I walk into work and three people will love it and three other people won’t and I don’t care because I’m wearing it and not them. You have to dress for yourself

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–photography and interview by CARMEN HENRY 



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