–photo by CARMEN HENRY

–photo by CARMEN HENRY

Where are you from and why did you come to Chicago?

Samantha : I’m from the suburbs of Northwest Indiana. I came to Columbia College because it was one of the best options for fashion school.

Bri : I’m from a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I chose to come to the city [Chicago] because I was definitely ready for something new, and Chicago had so much more to offer than what Minnesota could.

What inspired you to collaborate on P.S. Truly Yours?

S : Well, we’re roommates. We found out we work really well together after working on a lot of school projects. We both always wanted to start a blog and we figured having two people do it would definitely be a little bit easier. We give each other the motivation so that if one of us is worn down the other can help us along

How would you describe your personal style?

S : A bit of bohemian influence. I’m definitely big on playing with textures and always having one piece that’s super special and unique. I like one-of-a-kind things.

B : I like to describe my style as being minimal with a hint of girly edge. Black, white and grey are my favorite colors and I just love to mix and match textures and always add a hint of bling.

Do you have any advice for girls and guys struggling to find their personal style?

B : Definitely, I think our blog is all about being confident in who are and learning where you’re comfortable and where you’re willing to go outside your comfort zone. So it’s kind of stretching the limits but still always staying true to you. When you find something you like go for it. Never be afraid to express what you want to express because it’s you and your style and other people shouldn’t be the determining factor.

S : I think we both have the mindset if we want to wear something we just wear it and we want to give that empowerment to other people because fashion is all about expressing yourself. There’s no point in holding back because someone else won’t like it.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

B : Wherever we just kind of wonder into and find something that inspires us. If I can find something truly unique from a small boutique I will always get really excited about my purchase.

S : We’re huge local fans. My favorite local jewelry designer is Mineralogy. We both love Topshop and Zara for fast fashion.

Are there are any fashion destinations in Chicago that you recommend that people visit?

S : Dose Market in Wicker Park. It is great little pop-up shop where a bunch of local artisans come. Everything is hand-crafted. That’s where we find all of our favorite pieces.

B : We always go to Wicker Park to find inspiration because it’s such an artistic place.  We are in the process of exploring all the different neighborhoods to find styles to be featured in our ‘Street Style’ series, so really we just recommend leaving the loop and exploring everything else this city has to offer.


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