STAR SEARCH : Selina Holquin aka PHENIX

 —photography by MICAH BRAND

—photography by MICAH BRAND


—Southwest based singer/songwriter Selina Holguin is an up and coming R&B songstress better known by her stage name PHENIX.  Born in San Jose, California but currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Holquin spoke with CIRCUS about her plans to dominate the music scene with her sultry, smooth yet modern twist on new age R&B tunes. Find out what she's about in the Q&A below. 

Introduce yourself.
So, I'm Phenix! I'm a music lover that sings, writes and wants to create music you love because it makes you think & feel something... or everything.

What other artists or influences have shaped your musical style? How would you describe your musical style?
I've been influenced by so many artists and different genres throughout the years! Surprisingly to some, I'd have to say Steve Jobs has influenced my music because he himself was an innovater. He wasn't a music creator himself, of course, but he knew the importance of creativity & building something revolutionary. I'm constantly reading pages from his biography whenever I need motivation. I'm sure I'll be classified as an R&B artist, but I'm hoping to blend genres and new sounds to breakout of that specific mold.

Who is your dream collaborator?
It would be a hard choice between Kanye West and Pharrell because I've loved them both forever! They're both so talented on so many levels & I'd learn so much from them, I'm sure.

Give us some details on your upcoming music.
I'm shooting for an August 2014 release of my EP. I'm working with an amazing producer who's probably busy creating something crazy as you read this! It's going to be about me, how my world's been and my experiences. Hopefully the listeners will relate and I'll hit a few emotional targets.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
In five years length of time I hope I'll be on my world tour meeting fans who I've touched and helped in some way. I also hope to have a few organizations built that aim towards restoring the planet and helping children believe in themselves.

  —photography by MICAH BRAND

—photography by MICAH BRAND

Follow Selina on Twitter at @pphenixx_ and hear her latest music on her SoundCloud here.


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