STYLE PROFILE : Alexandra Castro

  –photo by  CARMEN HENRY

–article by CARMEN HENRY, photos provided by ALEXANDRA CASTRO

Recently, I sat down with ALEXANDRA CASTRO from MERMAIDS AND DESIRES. I spoke with the 23 year-old Chicago native about her style and the meaning and artistic influences behind her well-constructed style blog.

What inspired you to name your blog MERMAIDS AND DESIRES?

ALEXANDRA : The name behind the blog came from a tattoo idea I had about two years ago. I was influenced by the typeface of Jeremy Scott’s “Yes” tattoo and this photo album that I have called Melodies and Desires which is named after a song by Lykke Li. I wanted the tattoo to embody who I am so then my best friend suggested putting “Mermaids and Desires” because I’m really fascinated and obsessed with mermaids. When it came to naming the blog, I decided to use that for the title as well. It was something whimsical and a reference to a song that I really resonated with and symbolized my love for music. [The name] combined two different elements and that’s what I wanted to do with my blog.

Besides blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

A : I like taking photos and doing [graphic] design work. Also, I enjoy getting inspired by editorials and other art work and as well as going to showcases and concerts.

What influences you and work the most?

A : Other bloggers that I follow are a great influence along with lookbooks online because they condense ideas for the audience. I like seeing how [bloggers] wear certain pieces and their take on fashion trends. Also, musicians and artists like Jessie Ware and Solange Knowles and their perspective on fashion influences me.

Where do you see your blog in the following year?

A : I want my blog to be more of a style guide and more helpful. I really want to incorporate more How-To’s and DIYs so that other people feel inspired to be more creative with their style. I want people to look at blog as a resource for their styling concerns.

Since the weather has just turned to fall, I would love to know what are your four must-have pieces for the season?

A : A flannel shirt, a white button up, a navy dress, and black boots


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