For our second summer editorial for CIRCUS, we were inspired–as usual–by the beauties of the past, specifically, Miss Chiquita Banana herself, film actress Carmen Miranda. Rio de Janeiro is quickly becoming one of the globe's hottest (meant more than literally) go-to cities due to it's upcoming hosting of the 2016 Summer Olympics and it's endless production of enviable supermodels, so we decided to create our own little Rio in the heart of one of Chicago's most popular neighborhoods, Logan Square. The selected fashion--full of vibrant colors, floral fabrics and summer whites--reflects the spirit and persona of Carmen, and with many items hailing from cheap chic retailer H&M, the spread showcases that "being Brazilian" is in fact attainable. If only Gisele Bundchen legs came with the package. 


–photography by ANGELA CONNERS 

–styling by CARMEN HENRY





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