–One of the few exciting things about returning to my home state of Arizona and it's infamous 120+ sunshine meant the opportunity to work with new talent--photographers, models, and completely different locales than the 24/7 city life can offer us. Having lived in the Grand Canyon state for over a decade of my life, I always called the desert surroundings "ugly and brown", but when you combine a never-ending landscape with the crazy inspiring eye of the day's photographer, Alexa Curran,  magic is (seeming to be effortlessly by watching her work) created. You would never know by the photos that in between takes we were sprinting to our cars, panting and collapsing under the air conditioning to rejuvenate/not explode from our bodies overheating or running away from angry neighbors of the government property we unknowingly trespassed upon on whom threatened to call "the ranger" on our team. 

At least we got the shots before we got arrested.  





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