Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song

Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song


When I was a little girl, the leading ladies of Disney Channel were huge role models for me. No, I am not talking about Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez but the girls from the generation before. Hilary Duff, Christy Carlson Romano, and Raven Symoné were just a few of my favorite it-girls of the early 2000’s. Also among those favorites was Lindsay Lohan (pre-the craziness that has been her life in the media for the past five years or so). Ever since seeing Lindsay in her first movie The Parent Trap, I immediately became a fan. Her flaming red hair, freckles and sassy attitude were all aspects that helped define her as one of the new millenium's bonafide it-girls . One of my favorite Lindsay Lohan movies growing up was Get A Clue.

Get A Clue centers around the charming Lexy Gold (Lindsay Lohan) and her three friends trying to solve the mystery of their teacher that suddenly went missing. Despite the suspenseful plot of the movie, the main aspect I always paid attention to was the colorful, fun clothes that Lexy and her best friend Jennifer (Brenda Song) wore in every scene. The movie perfectly captures the eccentric fashion that I loved most from 2002. Colored fur and platforms galore. Below I picked out items from Forever 21  and Nasty Gal that Lexy would probably wear on one of her stake outs.




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