REBEL WITH A CAUSE : Natalie Allen

  –photo by NATALIE ALLEN



–We guarantee that this Q&A with the infectious Natalie Allen will brighten your day, just as much as her photography brightens ours.  

Introduce Yourself.

A young, happy-go-lucky gal who is willing to try new things. You'll usually find me at a local coffee shop sipping on a strong black roast. Oh and I may or may not be unhealthily obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio.

How did you discover photography?

Funny story. When I as about 13 years old, I was casually sifting through a shoebox my father kept away in the back of his closet. I found an old photograph of him "taking a leak" beside the road in a forest as his 1970's Cadillac Convertible sat beside him. The film picture was comical and beautiful at the same time. I guess it was then that I realized a picture can actually capture a story, rather than just a subject.

  –photo by NATALIE ALLEN


What other pastimes do you have aside from photography?

Hmmmm. Besides from watching an endless amount of movies, I've always loved hiking. Anything to do with the outdoors is something I can always cherish. Yes, I'm one of those people.*

*Editor’s Note: It’s okay Natalie, we won’t judge.

Who or what inspires you?

A great deal inspires me.; honestly, I find something as simple as a tall building to be impressive! This question always stumps me because I never know what to say. The usual response is a family member or a famous person, but I think the one thing that keeps me going is passion. Whether or not I have it or I see someone else live theirs; it never fails to give me hope.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph? What motivates you to 
pull out your camera and snap away?

There is always something to capture, no matter where you are. I try to stay away from the average, cliche pictures, that's for sure. As mentioned before, I hope to capture pictures that tell a story. Photos that you can actually LOOK at and really feel like you were there at that moment.

  –photo by NATALIE ALLEN


Random but need-to-know: What toothpaste do you use!? Your smile is incredible!

Awh stop it, you're too kind!

But I actually use Tom's toothpaste which is all natural and organic. Then of course I swiggle a little hydrogen peroxide because its keeps your teeth really white! (Fun fact!)

You're a total wanderluster. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 

Oh my lanta, this question puts so much pressure on me. I want to go EVERYWHERE. Every continent, every country, every major city. Of course, it's quite far-reached and little unrealistic but that doesn't stop me. However, if I were to buy a ticket and hop on a plane right now… I would go to London. I recently watched "American Werewolf in London", a classic '70's film and it made me fall in love with the lifestyle.

What is a quote or motto you live your life by? 

Leonardo DiCaprio couldn't have said it better: "If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're farther along in life than most people."

  –photo by NATALIE ALLEN


What makes the perfect cup of tea? 

A desired flavor of tea bag + stove-top heated water [not microwave] + sliced lemon + a teaspoon of sugar + a pretty tea cup because everything taste better in a pretty cup, wise words of my grandmother.

Where is your future going to take you? Describe what you hope the next five years will bring.

Honestly, the future scares me to death. All my friends have their future figured out and I'm standing here helpless. I haven't got a clue. But you know, that's what makes it so exciting. All I want to do is see the world and be happy. Nothing more. I promised myself that I will not wind up in a job I can't stand, I don't have time for that crap. Once I see the world and taste it on my own, I'll start a family… and take them with me!

Gah, I just want to do everything.

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–interview curated by BIANCA BETANCOURT



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