MUSIC REVIEW : Modern Vampires of the City by VAMPIRE WEEKEND



Vampire Weekend is back for round three of charming listeners with their newest release, Modern Vampires of the City. It brings a refreshing and vivacious edge to the indie-pop game, rivaling recent releases from Phoenix and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

The bewitching album appears to be a bit mellower at moments, on tracks like “Obvious Bicycle” and “Hudson.” But of course, they don’t leave out the poppy dance tunes, similar to the ones that gained them a following. The resonant “Diane Young” and “Unbelievers” are the band’s discreet way of reminding fans that their unfaltering dance-like-nobody’s-watching sound is here to stay. Listeners would not have expected anything less from the New York quartet that caught fire with their first two albums – Contra and a self titled. 

Though Contra will always hold a special place in my heart, Modern Vampires will remain a close second of my favorites of Vampire Weekend’s. I’m a sucker for piano and violin melodies, which are ever prominent throughout their junior album. The seemingly coincidental ties to the vampire phenomenon that has sprung in the past years are hopefully non-existent, but listening to this stellar band is as close of ties as I’ll admit to having with anything vampire-related. Regardless, if this is what they can do for a third album, I’m excited to see what they can do for a fourth.

Listen to: Unbelievers, Ya Hey

–review by KATIE SCHULTZ


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